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The popular 21-Day PALEO RESET Meal Plan designed by Kayla Chandler, CHN to balance your hormones, reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, and jumpstart your weight loss naturally. The average weight loss is 4-7 lbs in the first week! 
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Join today.  Start when you're ready!  This is a take-it-at-your-own-pace program.  You get lifetime access to all program materials, so you can start when you're ready and repeat the meal plans as many times as you'd like.  (this is not a monthly subscription... only a one time fee). 
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Here's What You'll Get When You Join...


You'll get instant access to Kayla's Carb-Cycling Meal Plans. Her plans are designed to help you lose weight naturally while balancing your hormones, increasing energy levels, decreasing junk food cravings, & improving your overall health! All of the meals on this program are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and paleo-friendly. Some of the meals are also keto-friendly. 


Each weekly meal plan comes with its own grocery shopping list so you'll know exactly what items and the quantity of items to buy at the store.  This will save you loads of time and money!


In addition to the meal plans, Kayla also shares easy 10-minute workout routines that you can do right from home.  These routines will help to speed up your metabolism, increase blood flow, and maximize your weight loss results.  No weights or equipment necessary.


Every Monday on the plan, Kayla shares a motivational video to help you stay focused & on track.  On Tuesdays, she shares one of her health shot recipes to increase your detox & weight loss results.  And, on Wednesdays, Kayla shares one of her "secret" weight loss tips.  These weekly video modules will help you maximize your results while following the meal plans!


Kayla also includes helpful guides to make sure you're taking full advantage of the meal plans so you can reap maximum weight loss results.  Additionally, she's also provided downloadable food guidelines that you can use to guide you after the program if you wish to continue this lifestyle.


Tracking your measurements and weight loss during this program is highly recommended in order to keep you focused and motivated.  To make things easier, Kayla has designed printable goal trackers for each week on the plan to help you stay organized.


When you purchase the 21-Day Total Body Reset, you get access to our private Facebook group where you can ask Kayla questions directly, connect with other members on the program, and share your own experience and feedback.  We love sharing food photos and keep each other inspired while on the program!


Yep, that's right!  Kayla's giving you lifetime access to all program materials for as long as it exists, so you can use this plan over and over again for FREE!  This means you never have to purchase another weight loss program again because you already have everything you need to be successful.
And, That's Not All...
Kayla's Also Including Over $120 Worth of Extra Bonus Material
Custom Supplement Plan ($49 value)
**This supplement plan will take your results to the NEXT LEVEL!
When Kayla works one-on-one with clients, she puts together a natural-based supplement plan to help correct nutritional deficiencies, increase metabolism, and assist in overall health & weight loss efforts.  Natural supplements can play a major role in how quickly or slowly you lose weight.

Although this supplement plan isn't personalized for each individual on the program, it's very customizable as she makes recommendations based on certain health issues and goals (i.e. hormonal balance, candida, leaky gut, etc.).
10-Day Smoothie Challenge ($29 value)
Kayla's 10-Day Smoothie Challenge is a great tool to use to reset your body and speed up weight loss results.  In fact, it's also great to help you get back on track very quickly if you've fallen off of the "healthy eating bandwagon."

If you still have more weight to lose after the 21-Day program, you can use this smoothie challenge to continue your weight loss efforts.
3-Day Sugar Detox ($19 value)
If you have a major sweet tooth and you're ready to banish those sugar cravings very quickly, then Kayla's 3-Day Sugar Detox is the perfect solution.  This sugar detox will help to reset your tastebuds and drastically reduce sugar cravings.

It's also a great tool to use for increasing your weight loss results.  Pair this detox with the smoothie challenge and you'll be hitting your health and weight loss goals in no time!
Kayla's Dining Out Guide ($15 value)
Kayla wants to make sure you continue this healthy lifetime even after the program ends.  So, she's equipping you with several health guides, including this Dining Out Guide, to ensure your success.

This guide has 30+ dining out options, including fast food restaurants, and will help you choose the healthiest items on the menu so you don't sabotage your health and weight loss efforts.
5 Miracle Elixir Drinks ($15 value)
In this guide, Kayla's sharing 5 Elixir drink recipes that contain very potent, healing ingredients to help detox your body, reduce bloating and inflammation, and help to restore overall balance in the body, which will ultimately help you to reach your health and weight loss goals much quicker!

These 5 recipes include:  Fat Flush Elixir, Gut Healing Elixir, Hormone Balancing Elixir, Anti-Inflammatory Elixir, and "Pick Me Up" Energy Elixir.

Kari C.  -  Finally Losing Weight With A Sluggish Thyroid!

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Blood work showed that my hormones were out of whack, my thyroid wasn’t functioning properly, and my ferritin, B12, and Vitamin D levels were all dramatically low. Within four weeks of beginning Kayla’s program, I felt like a new person. In fact, I didn’t realize how terrible I actually felt until I started feeling better. My hormone levels have balanced out and vitamin levels are steadily rising. And, as an added bonus, I’ve lost 20 pounds!!!

Marjorie P.  -  Lost 19 lbs & Lowered Medications Drastically!

It all started 3 years ago. I got sick and had pain, inflammation, muscle pain, increased white blood cell count, and much more. Doctor couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I was put on several medications, including prednisone, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I found Kayla’s program and did her 7-Day Detox followed by the 21-Day Meal Plan (& supplement plan included in the program), and I began sleeping better (no more sleeping pills), have much more energy, and I’ve lost a total of 19 lbs. I’m not 100% better, but I’m definitely headed in that direction. Thank you Kayla for showing me a path of better nutrition. Because of your plans, I’ve been able to get off most of my medications and have lowered by prednisone greatly.

Shannon S.  -  Sleeping Better & More Energy!

I have to say first and foremost, I absolutely love Kayla and all of her programs. The TBT has for sure been my favorite! The first week my husband and and I were down 5 pounds.. but that’s not really what it was about. For us, it was about feeling good, having energy, sleeping AMAZING, and did I mention feeling great!! Lol. All I can say is thanks to Kayla for always being such a wonderful resource and for always taking the time to offer advice.
You'll Never Feel Deprived On This Program...
The recipes on this program are not only delicious, but also full of healthy fats, fiber, and nutrients to keep you full and energized all day long.  Kayla uses a Carb-Cycling approach in her meal plans, alternating low carb meals with moderate carb meals throughout the day to maximize hormonal balance & weight loss.  All meals are Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Paleo-Friendly.  Most meals can be prepped in advance for convenience.  
Meals Will Include...
Weight Loss & Detox Smoothies
Easy Breakfast Recipes
On-the-go Healthy Lunch Recipes
Satisfying Dinner Recipes
Is this program right for you?
If you’re looking for the newest fad diet to “lose weight fast,” then this program isn’t for you. In fact, there’s tons of those out there for you to choose from.

This program is for those who not only want to lose weight, but also want to get healthier in the process - I’m talking about increased energy levels, better mental clarity, better skin, balanced hormones, and much more!

This is not your typical weight loss plan. In fact, Kayla uses a holistic approach to weight loss by utilizing nutritious meals and targeted nutrition via her supplement plans to maximize energy levels, correct underlying nutritional deficiencies, and maximize weight loss results. This program is the real solution to longterm health and weight loss, not a fad diet.
About Kayla Chandler...
Kayla is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who's worked with many clients one-on-one to restore their health and help them achieve their weight loss goals naturally.

Before going gluten free was a "thing," Kayla found out she has Celiac Disease, an autoimmune reaction to eating gluten, in her early 20s.  This led to a host of other health issues due to her inability to absorb nutrients properly, including hormonal imbalances, cystic acne, adrenal fatigue, slow metabolism, weight fluctuations, thinning hair, low energy levels, brain fog, and much more!  To add to that, she was also experiencing heavy metal toxicity due to mercury-laced amalgam fillings.

With no one giving her answers, Kayla took matters into her own hands and spent all of her spare time researching holistic healing methods and eventually became certified in holistic nutrition.  She's now in her 30s and has completely healed and restored her health using only natural, holistic methods and has now helped many others to do the same.  
50% Off Sale!
Start Today! - Only $47 (reg. $97)

Join Today, Start When You're Ready!

This is a take-it-at-your-own-pace program, so you can join today and start when you're ready.  One time fee (not recurring)!
Everything You'll Get if You Join Today!
  • 21-Days of Custom Weight Loss Meal Plans
  • Weekly Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Easy Home Workout Videos
  •  Printable Goal Trackers
  •  Informational Video Modules
  •  Helpful Dietary Guides
  •  Direct Access to Kayla via the Private Facebook Group
  •  Lifetime Access to the Program!
  • BONUS:  Custom Supplement Plan ($49 value)
  • BONUS:  10-Day Smoothie Challenge ($29 value)
  • BONUS:  3-Day Sugar Detox ($19 value)
  •  BONUS:  Dining Out Guide ($15 value)
  •  BONUS:  5 Miracle Elixir Drinks ($15 value)


Instant Access - Join Today for ONLY $47!
Only $47 (reg. $97)!
This is a take-it-at-your-own-pace program.  So, even if you join today, you can start whenever you're ready.  You'll have lifetime access to the all program materials.  One time fee (not recurring).
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